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In high school, you often acquire the knowledge and skills that ready you for college, but not for a career. If you are a rising sophomore, junior or senior who is considering a specific field, but are unsure if you should declare it as a major, High School Academy Weekend Workshops can provide you with the insight you need to make a clear decision. Maybe you have no idea what you want to pursue. That's ok too! Weekend Workshops can help to clarify your next step, while providing another way to differentiate yourself in the admissions process!

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High School Academy Weekend Workshops provide a condensed format for "trying on" a career. Over the course of just a few weekends, you'll acquire an insider's look at a professional path in which you may be interested. Taught by experts in their fields, these classes bring an area of speciality to life. You'll gain exposure to college-level course content through case studies and interactive group assignments. 

In addition to the knowledge you acquire, your Weekend Workshop experience will serve as an impressive credential on your college application—another way to differentiate yourself in the competitve admissions process! 



Torts Class
Students in Pre-Law: An Introduction to Torts are lectured by their instructor—an attorney who specializes in liability.
The course content in my Weekend Workshop on torts was absolutely fascinating. It has made me realize that I do want to pursue a career in law.
Journalism: Reporting, Researching, and Writing Features
Journalism: Reporting, Researching, and Writing Features

Students in Journalism: Reporting, Researching, and Writing Features learn the essentials of print-based journalism by mastering techniques that apply to all journalistic forms, including newspaper, magazine, digital, and broadcast.

Leadership and Management
Writing for TV

Students in Writing for TV learn the art and craft behind dramatic storytelling for television. By the end of the course, they have a refined idea for a new series and have a competed first page of a pilot script.

Marketing Campaigns: The Power of Public Relations and Social Media
Marketing Campaigns: The Power of Public Relations and Social Media

Students in Interactive Marketing Campaigns learn about the power of PR and social media as a driving force across industries. They develop marketing plans that can be used as part of their college portfolio.

What students are saying about the Weekend Workshops online experience:

“It was cool to meet new people from all over the world and learn about something that is not taught in my school. Overall a great experience, I would definitely take another class!”

“Thank you so much for offering such awesome classes, as they were what helped me decide I want to study law. They are extremely informative, fun, and never boring. If there are any more in the future, I will most likely sign up.”

“I really enjoyed the collaboration and support from and between my peers in the class. Even though the class was over Zoom and only 4 classes, I felt that there was a very developed sense of community where everyone wanted to lift each other up and participate.”

“I feel that this course has opened my eyes in ways I didn't think possible.”

“I enjoyed meeting so many amazing people. I have become good friends with one of my classmates, and we find ourselves texting frequently. I have also gained a mentor in my instructor. I have learned so much about what it takes to be an exceptional journalist. I am so lucky to have taken such a great course with such intellectual young students and a talented, intelligent teacher.”

"I want to thank you so much for putting together a highly interesting and interactive class for our daughter. She was highly enthusiastic to attend every class and said she learned so much... I asked her if she thought the class lost something because it was online. She said the subject was taught so well that it didn’t matter. Your class was a bright spot for her." (Parent Quote)

Course Spotlight

Writing for Television: Creating and Writing a New Series

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of writing for television.